The Burgade's 


  1.  JG Melon (UES) - pub style burger 

  2. Suprema (Greenwich Village) - burger “highest ranked”

  3. Joe Jr. (USQ) - no frills diner spot $

  4. Brindle Room (East Village) - famous steakhouse burger, some say best in NYC

  5. Petey’s Burger (Queens) - cheesy fast food burger 

  6. Jackson Hole (Queens) - 7 oz burger since 1972 

  7. Burger Joint (Midtown & Industry City) - fancy burg spot, now int’l 

  8. Burger Heaven (Midtown east) - since 1943

  9. PJ Clarke’s (Midtown) - a classic bar burg

  10. Donovan’s Pub (Queens) - Irish pub burg dating back to 1970

  11. Corner Bistro (West Village) - big burg 

  12. Black Emperor Bar (East Village) - classic bar burg



  1. Au Cheval (Soho) - a world renowned burger in from Chicago 

  2. Houseman (SoHo) - double decker burger

  3. Upland (Kips Bay, *only served at lunch*)  - grassfed cheeseburger that Obama ate while Pres

  4. 21 Club (Midtown) - originators of the gourmet burg in 1950

  5. Bar Sardine (West Village) - intimate spot with the Fedora burger

  6. Gotham Bar and Grill (USQ) - only available at bar

  7. 4 Charles Prime Rib (West Village) - steak house

  8. Beatrice Inn (West Village) - former nightclub with a 45 day dry aged burg 

  9. The Happiest Hour (West Village) - russian dressing, great fries

Our Proprietary Seven Patty Rating System

We rate each burger on a scale from one (1) to seven (7) patties. This seven point rating system allows us flexibility that the big boys, based on a primitive 5-point scale (see: Yelp), cannot match. We also allow half patty ratings, so technically this is a 14 point scale. We then stack rank the burgers we consume from there. This system is backed by science and based on years of research (pronounced “risurch”). 

7 patty rating system 2.0.png



7 patties: our highest award (for now). Clear your schedule and eat this burg.


6 patties: if this restaurant hands you a cute postcard with your check, you'll immediately ask for more so you can mail everyone you know about this burg. 


5 patties: you'd bring someone you're not interested in anymore on a date here just so you could eat this burg again. 


4 patties: a very good burger. Your friend from a small city (e.g. Lancaster, PA) would rate this "the best thing they've ever eaten."


3 patties: "I coulda made this at home!" - you.


2 patties: eat if you must, it's not dangerous but it's also not too tasy. 


1 patty: run for the damn hills.